Henley Beach Real Estate Hotspots

Henley Beach seems unstoppable these days. It’s a highly sought after area offering a beautiful beachfront location and stunning properties. With recent redevelopments and new buildings, things are only set to improve.

So if you’re looking to buy Adelaide real estate – especially in the hot suburb of Henley Beach, then here’s a few tips:

Where To Buy in Henley Beach

Obviously, the top end of Henley Beach is highly desirable. Stunning sea views and one of the most enviable spots in South Australia, you’ll find multi-million dollar properties that can take your breath away.

However, recent developments to Henley Square have seen an influx of new apartments and seaside living for a wider variety of price brackets.

Rental Opportunities

Yes, much of the property in Henley Beach is expensive. However, don’t forget that you may be able to rent your property (depending on your mortgage and general situation). This could prove particularly profitable in the height of Summer when tourists from across the country and beyond flock to Henley Beach to enjoy the laid back vibe.

Ask Ouwens Casserly Real Estate Henley Beach for more details about rental opportunities.

A Sea View?

Even if you live in Henley Beach, you’re not guaranteed a sea view. If price is an issue, consider properties that are set slightly back from the main beachfront. Although you may still pay higher prices than in other areas of Adelaide you’ll see them drop once you take out the seaview – and chances are you’ll still be able to walk to the beach whenever you need a glimpse of the ocean. Imagine being able to walk on that pier every day!

Facts and Figures

Ready for some stats? Interestingly, Henley Beach properties on the market saw an average of 1135 visits per property as opposed to 542 visits per property in the rest of South Australia.

This shows you to some extent the popularity of the area. 3 Bedroom Properties sold for around $740,000 jumping up to around $870,000 for an additional bedroom. Rental prices are strong and there’s a high demand for property particularly in the Summer months.

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